Top Traffic Mistakes that Cause Collisions

Traffic accidents can happen when we least expect them. As you drive your car, you need to do your best to minimize your risks or you could end up going to an auto body shop for repairs. Let us discuss how you can keep yourself safe and some of the top traffic mistakes you should avoid if you want to remain safe as you drive.

The Importance of Road Safety

If you want to avoid the need for a collision repair, you must focus on road safety. Do your best to follow the laws, use your turn signals and remain defensive as you drive. Doing so will minimize your risk of getting in an accident so you can remain safe whenever you drive your car.

Common Mistakes

You cannot always avoid a traffic accident, but you can remember common mistakes so you can keep yourself safe. People make many mistakes on the road that can increase their odds of getting into an accident. Let us review three common ones so you can keep them in mind.

Running Stop Signs and Red Lights

Remember that stop signs and red lights exist to keep people safe and regulate traffic. Make sure you always stop whenever you come across a red light or stop sign. If a light begins to turn yellow and you have enough time to stop, make sure you do. Otherwise, you could end up in a traffic accident.

Oncoming Traffic

When you plan to enter oncoming traffic from a side road, you need to pay attention, put on your turn signal and time it correctly. Make sure you have plenty of room when it comes to oncoming traffic so you can avoid needing a collision repair for your vehicle. They have the right of way, so you need to wait for the right moment.

Forgetting to Look

Many people forget to look before they drive. For example, you may immediately start driving as soon as the light turns green, but this can be dangerous. You never know when someone may run a red light and that could lead to an accident. Always look before you drive your car so you can avoid these situations.

What to Do After an Accident

If you end up in a traffic accident, you should get the other person's contact information and call the police. Afterwards, you can seek repairs from an auto body shop so you can properly take care of your car. Many of them will offer collision repairs and other services.


If you ever end up in a collision, you should make sure everyone is safe and then repair your car as needed. Make sure you keep these top traffic mistakes in mind so you can avoid accidents in the first place. However, you cannot always avoid them, so contact an auto body shop when you do need a car repair.