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Founded On Honesty, Integrity, And Transparency

At Rockville Centre Auto Repair, our values are rooted in client satisfaction. In other words, we abide by a work ethic that places consumer wants and needs at the forefront. Since 2011, our goal has been to provide Rockville Centre residents with the highest level of customer care in the automotive industry. Thanks to our courteous mechanics and client-oriented practices, we do just that. Though we specialize in general maintenance and automotive repairs, we’re particularly versed in Jaguar and BMW vehicles. Our mechanics boast a specific set of skills, which makes us highly sought-after. For a dealership experience that’s unlike any other, swing by Rockville Centre Auto Repair today.

Meet Kevin Killea: The Man, The Myth, The Mechanic

As an attempt to combine quality with affordability, Kevin Killea created a company that would provide customers with the best of both worlds. With decades of industry experience under his belt, Killea was wholly equipped to bring his enterprise to life. For the past eight years, Rockville Centre Auto Repair has gone above and beyond to instill convenience into automotive repairs. As a seasoned technician and industrious entrepreneur, Killea’s expertise has proved invaluable. Though his shop has been in business for nearly a decade, Killea’s never strayed from his mission: to establish harmonious relationships with lifelong customers by providing quality automotive services.

Meet Our Technicians

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